Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Last 50

  1. While at a Michael Jackson concert in Moscow (I know, I know) I was picked up and tossed by a Russian policeman who was apparently trying to incite a riot.
  2. While in Russia, I spoke well enough that everyone thought I was Lithuanian.
  3. My favorite machine at the gym is that huge stairclimber that looks like a mini escalator.
  4. People who don’t return shopping carts, don’t wipe off their exercise machines, and turn at arrow lights long after it’s red should face the wrath of a vengeful God.
  5. My favorite hike is Mt. Aire. Two steep miles up, but a huge payoff.
  6. I got my first varicose vein when I was 14.
  7. I had a letter published in the Deseret Morning News this week – I’m almost famous!
  8. I’m on the PTA Board. That’s just all kinds of wrong.
  9. I think we women should go easy on each other.
  10. I like fruitcake.
  11. When I’m not eating food, I’m usually thinking about it. I’m uneasy if I’m traveling and I don’t have food stashed someplace.
  12. In separate instances, angry men have approached my idling car to “discuss” the way I drive. The second time I kept my window up. Both times made me cry.
  13. Okay, so sometimes I’m a bad driver.
  14. Ed and I were both dating other people when we met each other
  15. I’ve had two root canals.
  16. I coached a state-winning water polo team.
  17. I can’t wander around in department stores or libraries for very long, or I get what is commonly referred to in my family as an “SSA”.
  18. I used to be obsessed with the Beatles. John Lennon was my hero, much to my parent’s dismay.
  19. When I was 7 or 8 years old a car approached me while walking in my grandma’s neighborhood. The driver needed directions, and I said I didn’t know, that I didn’t live in that neighborhood. I remember the passenger door swinging open as he offered to “drive me around” to find the place. I ran back to my grandmas. I didn’t tell anyone for a couple of years. I didn’t think it was that important.
  20. My favorite feel-good song: “It's You I Like” by Mr. Rogers.
  21. Note Mr. Rogers is wearing the red sweater. I always wanted him to pick the red sweater, but he never did.
  22. And while I’m at it, was not Lady Elaine Fairchild the most frightening creature on television? She scared the crap out of me with her enormous red nose and eerie museum-go-round. And don’t get me started on the purple panda. I mean, I love me some Mr. Rogers but I much preferred picture-picture than that crazy neighborhood.
  23. I tore the ligaments in my ankle sneaking into Lavell Edwards Stadium before a Boston Concert at the Marriott Center. Yes, I saw Boston at the Marriott Center.
  24. My other movie boyfriend: Alan Rickman
  25. I was on Lighthouse 20 when I was 8 years old. Raise your hand if you remember that show.
  26. Ed says I volunteer too much.
  27. Brush with B-list actor: While in Moscow, we stumbled upon the filming of Police Academy 5 (?) and met the actor who plays the guy that is obsessed with guns
  28. Another brush: While having an anniversary dinner at Cucina Toscana, we sat next to and chatted with Rob Lowe’s dad. He showed us the family pictures.
  29. I got a mandoline for Christmas (she slices, she dices, she makes julienne fries…)
  30. I wish Jim Henson were still alive.
  31. I used to love watching the Frugal Gourmet as a teenager.
  32. I seemed to be on a PBS kick here. Anyone remember The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross and his “happy trees”. Watching him was really soothing, eh? (Man, all these people I've mentioned are dead now.)
  33. My sister was on Romper Room. Romper, stomper, bomber, boo!
  34. Favorite muppet: Janice
  35. Moving on…
  36. I love old-fashioned phrases like “cut a rug” and “nice gams”
  37. Wedding colors: periwinkle blue and yellow
  38. Favorite boys names: Oliver, Charlie
  39. I was the first female in our family to graduate from a university.
  40. I wore knickers with argyle socks and penny loafers and years later (not a proud moment) wore parachute pants with paint splatters
  41. Loved the movie Amadeus and occasionally listen to Mozart’s Requiem just for kicks.
  42. My mom is awesome – she can speak double dutch and it blows me away every time.
  43. My grandma was courted by Mormon sculptor Torlief Knapus
  44. Caramel (not fudge)
  45. Mayo (not Miracle Whip)
  46. Coke (not Pepsi)
  47. Flannel (not satin)
  48. I can’t chew ice
  49. The smell of balloons (especially popped ones) and rubber bands make me sick.
  50. I'm done!


mindy said...

I am totally with you on the matter of the shopping carts. I hate it when people leave it in the middle of the parking lot or push it up onto a curb...so irritating and lazy...just put it back where it goes. Ugh!
So what does SSA stand for?

Carrie said...

Random thoughts:
I love to chew ice, especially while prego.
What was your Deseret News article about?
I'm a good driver, it's one of the reasons Sam proposed to me, I'm serious, just ask him!
I also hate the smell of balloons!
And what does "SSA" stand for??

cathy said...

Uh, I'll tell you about SSA offline. It's not suitable for family viewing. (I knew I was going to regret putting that on there!)

tom & laura said...

LOVE bob ross and his happy trees! also, my brother was on romper room...that's the only reason why i even know what that is!