Friday, November 27, 2009

Cake Dreams

This past month I've been a volunteer several fondant cake classes at Orson Gygi. Christina Miller taught the class and did a great job. Although I was just the "help", I learned a lot and now am very excited about making and decorating cakes. This has been a strange departure from my normal range of baking. I have always been more of a pie & pastry enthusiast than a cake one, but decorating cakes has allowed me to tap into any creative artistry that has more or less lain dormant all these years.
I now lay in bed at night and think of cake. I think of excuses to make them, and how to decorate them. I dream of fondant. I peruse the classifieds for used bakery equipment. I think I'm making my family crazy.

This is a cake I did for my sister-in-law Jerrea's parents' 50th wedding anniversary. It was my first "tiered" cake and was a lot of fun to do.

This cake was for Jessica's birthday. She served an LDS mission to Hong Kong, so I wanted to do something Chinese-themed.

This was a last minute birthday cake for Emily. I had a leftover tier from another cake I dried to replicate her cute wedding colors of green and pink.

This was my very first fondant cake made for my sister Laura's birthday. Go Utes!


Jessica said...

Seriously, those cakes are amazing! YOu really are very talented. How do you do it with the kids around? I would be a wreck..."Don't talk to me, I'm making fondant!" YOu really should go into business. It would be fun and fruitful!

amanda said...

Those are awesome! I am so impressed. People pay a lot of money for cakes that good. :)

Laura Chamberlain said...

The U cake was the best! mmmm!

Adventurous Housewife said...

Looks to me like we should call you the Cake Boss! Your cakes rock.

Organized Chaos said...

I cannot believe it! I knew you could do it. This is a whole new world of possibilities for you! Just fabulous!

Jasmin Patel said...

Love the cakes. Esp the Asian themed one! I've never seen anything like it