Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trial by Fondant

I have my first wedding cake under my belt, and while the end result didn't precisely match the initial conception, I'm just happy that 1) the cake tasted good, 2) the bride loved it, and 3) nobody died during the making of said cake.

There was supposed to be a second black separator under the top two tiers but the cake was wobbling dangerously anytime anyone would walk by. Did I mention the cake was perched atop an extremely high "billy table"? Scary, indeed, and in order to avoid a cake-tastrophe (tm - Ace of Cakes), the lady there doing the flowers for the cake advised me to remove the second separator. Sigh. In addition, I learned:

  • florists really like to add a lot of flowers to cake. A lot of flowers.
  • (related) I need to be more assertive about exactly how I wanted the flowers I want on a cake
  • one large dowel is better that 3 smaller dowels
  • carrot cake should never be on a top layer
  • rice krispie treats work great on a bottom layer (and everyone loves them)
  • Regional Supply can make really great custom plastic cake separators
  • watching 100 people eat a cake I made is really cool
My practice for the wedding cake was Beth's baptism cake. I'm learning to love the modern look of square cakes.

Here's a fun cake I did a few months back for my friend's daughter's birthday. For the party they went to Classic Skating, the most wonderful place on earth. I was a little nervous about sculpting roller skates out of fondant but in the end I cheated and covered baby shoes with fondant and made gum paste wheels. Hey, whatever works.


Snell Family said...

The wedding cake turned out amazing! I'm so nervous to try covering square cakes with fondant but it looks like you're a pro. I love the look of the square cake.

Carrie said...

Again, I bow down to you and your talents! Amazing cake skills!!! Way to go!

Brenda and James Fisher said...

You have such a gift Cathy! Keep it up, you make it look easy.

amanda said...

It was beautiful and tasty! Yay!