Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Turning Over a New Loaf

Since my bread-baking extravaganza last year, I'm embarrassed to say haven't baked much bread. A guilty glimpse at my hoochy sourdough starter in the back of the fridge hasn't been enough to get me going again. However, with the cooling weather and rising bread prices, I've decided to start up again. The whole wheat loaf was a good start, as I single-handedly mowed through that moist, chewy loaf in a matter of days.
I must thank my good friend Alison who gave me my very first whole wheat bread recipe and encouraged me to just jump in and try my hand at bread baking. I'll never forget my first efforts. I remember giving a somewhat dense whole wheat loaf to the Lundgreen's. Their oldest son hefted it suspiciously, and I said something like "well, it's probably not like your mom's...". "No", he said. "It's not." I think I've gotten a little better since then, so there's hope for everyone!
(recipe to follow)

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Carrie said...

Okay, you have officially inspired me. As soon as Thanksgiving is over I am going to work on my bread making skills again. Thanks for the reminder!