Thursday, February 28, 2008

High Risk, High Roast Chicken

Well, two years of accident-free food processor ownership is officially over. While making the ever-delicious High Roast Chicken and Potatoes, I cut my thumb dislodging a stubborn potato from the food processor slicing disk. Not to be dissuaded, (and putting the "iron" in iron homemaker) I wrapped my thumb in some Brawny and finished preparing the meal, while somewhere out there, a food safety instructor faints. Then I headed off to the InstaCare for my first stitches ever (except for, of course the female childbirth sort, but that's not even in the same category).

But enough about me. This chicken is so good, and for those of you out there that turn up there nose at handling a whole chicken, you're just going to have to get over it. Think of the looks of admiration you'll get when fellow shoppers see that whole chicken in your cart. Think of the shame they feel going home with those tastless, chalky boneless skinless chicken breasts. Think of the satisfaction you'll get when you hack of the backbone and wingtips and save that for the delicious chicken stock you're going to make later. Think of the happy dance your husband's going to do in the kitchen when he comes home to see a butterflied chicken rubbed with garlic/herb butter, crisping in the oven while the juices run off and are soaked up by the sliced potatoes underneath.

One note about brining the chicken. You can brine for more than 1 hour, but keep in mind that brining for too long will result in chicken that might be too salty. If you want to brine for longer, just make a weaker brine. I've also made this with a chicken already cut up (with the skin and bones still on), and it worked well.


Carrie said...

Oh yeah, that WAS the money shot!
I can raise my right arm and solemnly swear I'm telling the truth when I say that those stitches have not slowed you down one bit!!! You are amazing!

Organized Chaos said...

my gosh you are a dedicated cook. I love that about you.

Davis Strong Family said...

WOW, that looks disqusting!!! LOL that chicken was nummy, I'm sure. You are amazing. Keep the recipes coming, if I ever get into my house, I'll try them out, I just can't find much right now. :)

Amy said...

It was bound to happen one day. I am not surprised you finished making the meal before you went to get it stiched up. Thats what a true Iron homemaker would do. :)

Nerine said...

Good post.