Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pineapple Express

I'm not the best at meal planning, often buying what looks good at the store and spending half an afternoon what to do with I brought home. So I grabbed a pineapple for a great deal and picked up a rotisserie chicken from Costco. (Side note: never, ever go to Costco on a Saturday afternoon. It will make you grouchy and poor. I went in for cheese and came out with dish detergent, toiletpaper, cheese, an area rug, and lounge pants. Yes, lounge pants. I'm so ashamed.)
So what to make with with pineapple and rotisserie chicken? Some sort of Hawaiian chicken salad? Nah. Haystacks? Too involved. What about some "pulled chicken" sandwiches with seared pineapple and bbq sauce? Alrighty!

Ed's version.
The kids' toned-down version.

What made these good: a quick sear of the pineapple on a hot non-stick pan gave the pineapple a nice color and flavor; the red onion and lettuce lended color and texture.

What would have made them better with more time or resources: bacon (of course), topping them with a chile/garlic mayonnaise or a tangy coleslaw (a la pulled pork sandwich), homemade bbq sauce, toasting the buns, and maybe seasoning the pineapple with a little cayenne or chile powder before searing.


Ambyr said...

They look great, Nathan would be jealous!!! I hate Costco on Saturdays for that reason. :)

tom & laura said...

those look delicious!

is there anyway you could post the recipe for that yummy caesar dip you made at the new year's party at the strong's a couple of years back? i LOVED it!

oh and by the way, my mom totally has those same cookie cutters that you have!