Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bloody Peeps

It's 10:40 p.m., and I hear the distant rustling of candy wrappers. "Bloody Peeps," Ed mutters quietly, giving in to their pillowy softness and sandy sugared coating.
I enter the room. 
"Did you just say what I though you did?"
"Yes", he answers, his voice muffled by marshmallow.
"How many are left in the row?"
"Give them to me."
I stare at them. They stare back. Eat me, they whisper.

That's it. The Peeps are going in the garbage. In the quiet of the night, my blood sugar racing, I can almost hear their muffled cries for help, clamoring for air under the refuse.


Fab Fisher Family said...

Peeps are evil! So evil and sugary and good. They also make great s'mores when you roast them over a flame.

paul jung said...

Cathy I think you might be loosing it... however your writing is excellent and have you thought of writing a piece on how Peeps could take over the world. I bet you will even have a cult following.
Note: didn't Mom call these little guys "Beeps"?

amanda said...

eat them either microwaved on a PAPER plate or a few days stale. Those are the only ways.

Adventurous Housewife said...

Ours were dipped in chocolate. Yum!