Friday, May 15, 2009

Culinary Tour of Grimsby

Fish & Chips, mushy peas, Tango. Source unknown.

No, that's not an oxymoron. British food is in the midst of a renaissance! Sadly, none of that kind of food is shown here. What is shown is a sampling of treats from Ed's recent trip to England to visit family for his parents 50th wedding anniversary.

Sidebar: I'm hanging up the apron for a couple of weeks. Actually, I'm just taking a brief blogging break as part of an experiment I'm doing for a church lesson. Stay tuned...

First, the lovely Jim and Freda Gilmore. Happy anniversary and thank you for raising such a fine son. (And, I might add, instilling in him a love for ironing and laundry, for which I will be forever grateful.)
Here's all of the Gilmore family. Top l-r: Steve, Jim, Freda, Trish, Linda. Bottom: Pete, Ed.

Because the Grimsby/Cleethorpes area is right on the coast, you get the best fish & chips in England. Better than London. Better than anywhere.

The coast may not be pristine, but it used to be one of the biggest fishing ports in the world, and can still crank out some excellent fish & chips.

Part of the seafront is the infamous Pier 39 Club you see in the distance. No food, I think, but I'd wager that Ed spent many nights dancing away here in his youth.

Ed also spent much of his youth (and adulthood) at Blundell Park cheering on the Mighty Mariners. I'm told of such culinary delights such as Snickers bars dipped in tomato soup and dodgy hot chocolate.

The final third of his youth was spent at The Smugglers pub chatting up girls, playing pool and darts, and getting his friends home safely.

Around the corner (on St. Peter's I think) is a fabulous candy store with all sorts of retro candy. Here are some ultra-sour sour apple candies that make your mouth water just thinking about them.

On the same street is the Ocean Bar, an excellent spot for great fish & chips.
This is what you get when you order a "full English" for breakfast.
Fortunately for Ed, his mom's version was very much toned down.
Ed was also treated to stuffed French toast the day he arrived at Trish's. Delicious!
Ed's brother Pete is apparently quite handy on the grill.
Linda couldn't resist going out and buying a famous cream dougnut.
Ed's mum is an excellent cook. Here was a nice lamb dinner she made for Ed & Linda.

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amanda said...

some looked yummy (lamb dinner, doughnut), some gross (the full english and mushy pees).

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