Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scalloped Potatoes with Three Cheeses

A while back I wrote about the highly contraversial topic of funeral food. Since then, I've had a desire to revisit our old forgotten friend, the scalloped potato. Shoved aside by frozen hash browns and creamed soup, the lowly scalloped potato has taked a back seat for years, even decades.
Scalloped Potatoes with Three Cheeses
This recipe is from one of my favorite cookbook authors, Rick Rogers. I was so happy with how it turned out. Sure, it takes a little time to cut all of those potatoes, but there is also something strangely redemptive about making something from milk, potatoes, flour, and cheese and have it taste so darn good.
Recipe notes:
  • This recipe lends itself well to improvisation. Add whatever cheese you want (and have) and embellish with herbs, ham, or vegetables.
  • I forgot to add the onion - it was still good
  • I switched out the blue cheese for the the tamer (and available in my fridge) monterey jack. It was still fabulous.
  • If you have a convection oven, use that setting as it gave the top a nice, crispy, burnished coat.
  • I was very liberal with the salt and pepper. You'll need more than you think. Take into account the saltiness of your cheese as well.


Carrie said...

Looks fabulous! I remember my parents making scalloped potatoes when I was a young 'un. :)

amanda said...

I keep looking at those cupcakes on your poll and today they look so yummy to me. Even though they're kinda smooshed. I heard cake to cupcake recipes work the best in those single silicone cupcake baking thingies. My old roommate had some cute multicolored ones with feet. Just a random thought.