Monday, September 17, 2007

Clam Flan

Sorry, folks - no recipe here. And if you're easily nauseated, stop reading. Carrie, I mean it. I recently had a chat with a friend about an article in Gourmet that was authored by an ice cream fanatic who's quest became to try all sorts of wild and crazy ice cream flavors. I think her children drew the line at clam ice cream sundaes. My friend then recalled a childhood competition to come up with the most disgusting food combinations and Oreos with clam dip was declared the hands-down winner. Suddenly it dawned on us that every bad food combination must include clams. Anything and everything we could dream up–add clams–and presto, you've got something really disgusting. Clam churros? Yep. Clam forest cake? You bet. Clam flan? Now we're talking!


Carrie said...

Seriously, that posting made me laugh! I hate any type of seafood so I can totally relate to the gag-reflex of adding clams to anything! anybody want to try some clam s'mores? :)

Amy said...

The apex (or, perhaps more appropriately, the nadir) of nastiness has got to be clam curd. Just think of a nice thick layer of wobbly gray filling in that Halloween cake or April Fools' tart. Of course, if you haven't any clam curd on hand, you can always substitute clam jam.