Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How to be a Zucchini Goddess

I was in the mood for a little stress baking today. Getting my hands dirty so to speak allows me to take my mind off other things. And, I was able to use up some of the zucchini taking over my countertop, so this task was especially fulfilling. This is the second time (well, technically third - we'll get into that later) I've made the zucchini cake from Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess. A domestic goddess I am not, but the cake is quite nice. Most zucchini cakes/breads I've tasted are heavily spiced and moist to the point of oiliness. This cake is just barely sweet and is filled with lime curd and topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting. The frosting is just cream cheese, lime juice, and a little powdered sugar. It also calls for a sprinkling of pistachios on the top but I was in no mood to be that extravagant.

Nigella is a British lady, so some of her recipes have ingredients that I'm not familiar with. This cake called for self-rising cake flour. Well, I had cake flour, and I knew I could add some baking soda and salt and make it "self-rising". Trouble was, I got my proportions wrong and also added way to much baking soda. I didn't suspect anything wrong until I sampled a bit of the cake scrap that I had "leveled off". (Let's face it, the cake really didn't need leveling off but I wanted to taste it anyway.) Good thing I tasted it before I frosted it, because it had an overwhelming "baking soda" taste. But, I didn't mind doing the cake again since I got to use more zucchini (whoot!) and the cake only uses 1/2 c. oil and not my precious unsalted butter.

Next time I do the cake I'd like to try a different filling and frosting. The tart/tangy works well with the plain, moist cake, but I'd also like to try something with bananas, orange, or chocolate.


Laura Chamberlain said...

Anyone that can do that with zuchinni is a goddess! I can't even spell zuchinni.

Davis Strong Family said...

You are AMAZING!!!! If you make something with chocolate, I'd like a taste :) LOL...Thanks for the tomatoes, I found them in the outside fridge this morning (husbands?!?!) So I'll be eating some tonight. mmmmmm

Carrie said...

I'm so lame! I thought I commented on this posting already! Thanks for the slice of this cake. It was excellent!! You are definitely the most creative cook I know!

Amy said...

Given the opportunity, I'd choose this for my next birthday cake. The coconut one looks like a party, but this one has superior flavor. (Plus, you can eat a lot more of it before your overindulgence meter reaches red-alert status.)