Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Can't Believe I Bought This Much Butter

Or, alternatively, "Costco and the Moral Complexity of Buying in Bulk". Yes folks, thats 5 pounds of prime hydrogenated vegetable oil, with Tinkerbell thrown in for scale. I had a similar feeling when I bought a box of goldfish crackers larger than my ottoman. Sure, I saved a few bucks but I'm not running a Hometown Buffet here, not to mention the unspoken pressure of trying to eat 5 lbs of spread before the expiration date.
We are advised to buy in bulk, plan out meals weeks in advance, freeze meals, etc., as if cooking were to be avoided like a scheduled toilet scrubbing. What happened to imaginative, spontaneous cooking? While some planning is good, who knows what we are going to crave in two weeks, not to mention what's going to be fresh and even better, on sale? In the mean time, I'm striking a balance between Costco and the farmer's market and hoping not to to go bankrupt in the process.
Oh, and I canned some pears, perhaps tipping the scales toward wholesomeness and economy in the great moral balance of the universe.
I've gotta go - Fabio's here to take me on horseback ride through the Pyrenees.

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Carrie said...

I have personally seen that tub of butter and the barbie doesn't even do the size of the tub justice! that thing is huge! I'll bet Jane could sit inside. :)
Way to buy bulk, I know it goes against your better judgement to be so practical and boring when you are talking about an edible ingredient! Wa-hahahahaha!
Have fun with Fabio and his flowing locks of love.