Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ming Tsai's Pork Potstickers

Sometimes you just need to break out of the box, and this was a perfect weekend try something new. I'd been craving potstickers and thought I'd give them a try. It takes a little time to put them together, but it's fun to do if you have helpers. This recipe supposedly makes 30 potstickers, so I doubled the filling to match my package of 60 gyoza wrappers. Even then, I had a lot of leftover filling, which Ed suggested that I make some sort of wacky Asian meatloaf. (Maybe another time!)

I'm embarrassed to admit that we scarfed down over 60 potstickers over two days, but man were they good. So next time, skip the take out and make these - thanks, Ming Tsai!


Ann Fisher said...

Yeah!!! I'm so glad you're blogging again! You are amazing! OK - now that you live so close to me, I AM DYING TO SEE YOUR NEW HOUSE! Please email me and tell me when is a good time to stop by (and Lisa wants to come too!)

Carrie said...

Those look so dang good! I gotta make me some of those for sure!

Jessica said...

Those do look extra good! I may give them a try!