Friday, September 5, 2008

Road Food

Ed in school + out running errands = drive thru dinner. I try to support local (or in this case, regional) places, so we went to Arctic Circle. Besides, their fries are so much better than McDonald's or Wendy's (rancid oil, almost always). Plus, my relationship with Wendy's has soured ever since I had a bad chicken wrap that caused some significant gastro distress. While three kids meals for 10 bucks is not bad, Arctic Circle really needs to get a value menu.

Speaking of gastro distress, I visited Carrie just as she was cleaning up dinner, and I got to see this gem of a dish. After laughing for about 5 minutes, we decided to have a little contest. Whoever can name 4 ingredients that are a part of this dish gets a Very Special Prize.


Carrie said...

ha ha ha! good one Cathy! Yeah, you know it's bad when the cook won't even eat her dinner! :)

Holly Strong said...

Are those raisins or craisin in there?!? At first I was thinking a bean, but I clicked on it to make it look bigger and it no longer resembled a bean. So that threw me for a loop, but the sauce looks like cream of mushroom soup...maybe onions and hamburger...that's pretty nasty Carrie! LOL

Electrawoman said...

Hey I like mcdonalds and about the wendys thing i have too been a victim of poor food at this establishment