Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today I got serious, put on an apron, and canned some jam. Yes, it's a pain, but who can deny the happiness you feel placing the gleaming jars of ruby jam on a tea towel to cool on your countertop. This jam is peach/raspberry. The peaches I stole from my neighbor's tree (That's what you get when let branches grow recklessly over the fence. Thanks, neighbor!), and the raspberries are from my mom and dad's garden.
I know I'm waxing a bit silly, but whenever I do some canning, or make a pie from scratch, I feel a connection to women of yesteryear. I may never cook over an open fire, do laundry in a river, or butcher a cow, but by dang I can make jam from stuff growing in the yard. I hope my ancestors looking down on my little accomplishment and will cut me a little slack and ignore the fact that I drive a living room with wheels and buy chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs.


Carrie said...

Oh my....hold on a sec, I gotta wipe the drool off my chin....***SLURP**** okay, I'm good.

I must try that jam. You know I love raspberries, and peaches are a very close second...especially this time of year! Don't be surprised if I come a knockin' on your door tomorrow with a piece of bread in hand. :)

Amy said...

Raspberry peach jam sounds delicious! I tried your tomato soup recipe today it was sooo good!

cathy said...

Ding ding! Finally we have a winner with Carrie! You have to come and see me to get a jar.

Jessica said...

you put me to shame...I think of doing nice domestic things like that, but never get around to it. There are too many dishes in the sink that I have to wash first!